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Temporary Chef
Paul Green had lost contact with his former web designer, who was very difficult to reach and unwilling at times to make updates and changes to his website. He contacted Veracity in need of an on call site administrator to manage the site and make necessary changes, updates, and suggestions.

Key Objectives:
Make updates and changes on an as needed basis
Provide a cleaner, more organized structure
Integrate image presentation in a clean, attractive manner
Consult and provide guidance on social media and search engine optimization strategy.

Unique Features:
  • Blog Integration
  • Press Releases
  • Flash Image Presentation
  • Resources Page
Web Address: http://www.temporarychef.com

“It was a dark and stormy night. Rain fell like lead pellets on the cold street beneath my gritty office windows. I was in trouble. The moke that had taken care of my website had done a scarper and my mood was blacker than the drain hole on Marley Street. In desperation I grabbed my flashlight. The special one with the bat symbol over the lens. The beam of light split the dreary night.  I waited, pacing.  The second hand on the clock marked time with a sound like a coffin lid closing. Time is cash, doll, and it was slipping by fast. I could see the bat guy wasn't gonna make it.

I called the Duke fella. He responded like yesterday and set things straight.  I don’t need the flashlight anymore.  I've got the Duke.“ - Paul Green, Temporary Chef