Why Veracity?

When you choose to use Veracity Technologies, you can expect:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Solutions
  • No Excuses

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Temporary Chef


 “It was a dark and stormy night. Rain fell like lead pellets on the cold street beneath my gritty office windows. I was in trouble. The moke that had taken care of my website had done a scarper and my mood was blacker than the drain hole on Marley Street. In desperation I grabbed my flashlight. The special one with the bat symbol over the lens. The beam of light split the dreary night.  I waited, pacing.  The second hand on the clock marked time with a sound like a coffin lid closing. Time is cash, doll, and it was slipping by fast. I could see the bat guy wasn't gonna make it.

I called the Duke fella. He responded like yesterday and set things straight.  I don’t need the flashlight anymore.  I've got the Duke.“ - Paul Green, Temporary Chef



Rich Baker for Congress

"I contacted Brian with an urgent request to rebuild my web site.  Brian attacked the project and had an outstanding site up and running in 6 days.  I received a number of complements on the quality of the site."  - Rich Baker, Candidate for Congress







Garden City Church

www.gardencitychurch.net"When Garden City Church was looking to develop our website, we thought Brian was our guy.  So we turned him loose and he delivered so much more than we expected.  Second only to our worship team, the website Brian developed for Garden City Church gets the most compliments!  People simply love it.  When they visit the website they are immediately struck by it’s clarity and simplicity.  When the staff at my former place of ministry saw the website, the immediately asked Brian for help.  Veracity is a fitting name.  Brian has been honest and competent from the very beginning.  I recommend him without equivocation of any kind." 
Richard Cortese, Senior Pastor, Garden City Church

 "If you want to hit a home run, take your business elsewhere than Veracity Technologies. If you want to hit a Grand Slam look nowhere else. Veracity Technologies cares about the details. When we stepped up to the plate on our start date as a church, we were confident we were able to swing for the fences because we had Veracity Technology design, build and control our face on the Internet."
Jess J. Bousa, Associate Pastor, Garden City Church

Capri Associates


"It was a pleasure doing business with you.  The most important thing to me as a small business owner is that you answer my questions directly and promptly every time.  My personal experience with your company was professional and courteous.  Thank you for putting up with my many demands and challenges.  You handled my requests with patience, and I really appreciate your attention to detail.

After creating my content, I was so undecided and overwhelmed, but you remained calm and determined to provide the best possible product you could.  I will always keep you in mind as I meet new clients and colleagues that are looking to build their own websites.  Thank you again for your great work.  Your design work is impeccable.  I have received many compliments so far." - Ethan Capri, Managing Partner, Capri Associates, LLC


New England Data Services


  “It was a pleasure working closely with Veracity for our website. Brian has countless attributes, from goal oriented and honorable to dependable and creative. Brian is strong to his principles and ethical, two traits that I especially respect and admire. " - Christopher Souza, Vice President of Sales & Marketing





Calvary Christian Church

www.lynnfield-ccc.org "It was great working with Brian on our church’s website. He took the time to thoroughly train and consult our webmaster on the Content Management System known as Joomla, going out of his way to provide aid. His response time to phone calls and emails was impeccable!!! We were privileged to have worked with Brian and would give our highest recommendation to use his services." - Clark Clervois, Associate Pastor




Wholesale Doors Inc. 

www.wdiinc.com "We want to thank you for helping us create a professional and user friendly website.  Throughout this process, we had many special requests and changes but you were always patient, helpful and quick to respond to all our needs.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and we are very excited with our presence on the worldwide web." - Kenneth Montuori, President