Why Veracity?

When you choose to use Veracity Technologies, you can expect:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Solutions
  • No Excuses

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Message in a Bottle

Home Services

Tech on Call - Need someone you can count on in a pinch? Having trouble with your PC or Laptop? Don't spend countless hours trying to fix it yourself or mess with files and folders you are not familiar with. Let a Veracity Tech solve the problem for you. Our technicians have extensive backgrounds in PC/Laptop repair and all Windows operating systems. Best of all, we do not charge by the hour for our work! We charge by the job. A Veracity Tech will diagnose the problem at hand and let you know the cost before performing any work so you can make an educated decision.

Networking - Networking can be difficult these days with all the different operating systems and networking technologies out there. Don't waste time dabbling in areas that you are unfamiliar with, let Veracity take care of this for you!

PC Upgrade / Repair - Has your computer been slow lately and in need of an upgrade? Do you need more Random Access Memory (RAM) or a bigger Hard Drive? Trust Veracity to diagnose what is needed to get your computer back to the way it was when you first set it up and install the necessary upgrades. We have highly experienced technicians available to take care or this need for you.

Virus / Spyware - Think you have a virus or are you worried about Spyware? Veracity employs leading technologies to both protect you against virus' and spyware. We can perform a detailed inspection of your computer to eradicate any traces or virus' or spyware so you do not have to worry about losing critical data and sensitive information.

Custom Built PC's - Veracity has been building custom PC's for years for small businesses and home users. If you are in need of a new PC, don't go to a huge manufacturer that loads your system up with software and advertisements from their partners. Veracity will build you a custom PC based on YOUR budget to ensure you are current with the latest technologies. A technician will work with you during the process to educate you on what each component of your new system does and why each one was selected. Each custom built PC also comes with (optional) our hand selected package of software to protect you from spyware and virus' free of charge. We can also set up any existing software you own such as Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, etc. for a small additional fee of $29.

Remote Technician - Veracity utilizes an industry leading remote management system to provide remote assistance to our clients. This way, we can avoid unnecessary charges for travel time and mileage to our clients while still providing high qaulity support.